Is soap better than Hand Sanitiser at killing viruses and bacteria?

Is soap better than Hand Sanitiser at killing viruses and bacteria?


Recently the World Health Organisation (WHO), the World Economic Forum and The Guardian Newspaper all posted and endorsed credible evidence about the best way to kill the virus on our hands...Soap!. Scientist and Professor of Chemistry, Palli Thorsdarson from The University of New South Wales in Australia has published this evidence recently. His studies show proof that washing both hands the proper way with soap is better than using hand sanitisers!  

When washing hands with soap and water, it is not just washing the virus away. It is annihilating it! Palli Thordarson has commented on the wonders of soap saying, soap "is almost like a demolition team breaking down a building and taking all the bricks away." 

It is important to remember, however, as recommended by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and WHO, that 20 seconds is the minimum time to spend washing your hands with soap in the fight against the current virus spreading around the world. 

Copy of Pink 7 Step Prevention Coronavirus Awareness Poster by Andre DeLaite


Further information about the science and studies is published by clicking on the below links:

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